Long distance trails in triad with nature

Hiking Trilogy Allgaeu

Three routes, three heights, 53 stages: The hiking network of the hiking trilogy make the Allgaeu and its entire diversity accesible. 

The three hiking routes "Wiesengänger" (walking on meadows), "Wasserläufer" (alongside waters) and "Himmelsstürmer" (uphill) take you through the different landscapes of the region and form a unique long distance trails. Meanwhile, hikers can plunge into the Allgaeu's rich history. 

Photo: Pirmin Mösle

Hiking routes of the Allgaeu Hiking Trilogy

Hiking on three different heights

The three hiking routes "Wiesengänger", "Wasserläufer" and "Himmelstürmer" lead through the Allgaeu's different natural landscape and form a unique long-distance hiking network.


All hikers will find their idea tour, whether they seek comfortable hikes on green meadows or a challenge through the mountains. 

Three landscapes with their different altitudes. "Wiesengänger", "Wasserläufer" and "Himmelstürmer" encounter the various forms of landscapes in all its forms. 

You can discover all three routes with the Hiking Trilogy in Oberallgaeu!

Long Distance Hiking
Am Heidenkopf zwischen Hochgrat und Balderschwang


The "Himmelsstürmer"-Route consists of 24 stage (not counting access routes) and is 342 km long.
Long Distance Hiking
Wasserläufer Route


The "Wasserläufer"-Route consists of 26 stages (not counting access routes) and is 384 km long. 
Long Distance Hiking Die Wiesengänger Route


The "Wasserläufer"-Route takes you through a beautiful hilly landscape on 463 km. 
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