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Custom Page

Custom pages are ideally geared to focus the user on a specific action and to put the collected content into the center of attention.

Create your custom page

Thanks to our modular system, which is very easy to use, you can design custom pages directly in Outdooractive My Business. Content, images and videos can be optimally placed using different templates. Custom pages offer the possibility to put the focus on topics which you are currently dealing with (i.e. seasonal content).


For each custom page you can choose between different templates and determine whether the page should start with a large cover picture, a content slider or with plain text.

Our page widgets

Page widgets are the tools for designing the custom pages and the starting page. They can be placed individually on the pages and filled with content. We offer the following page widgets:

  • text
  • image
  • video
  • snippets (contents)
  • gallery
  • button
  • teaser
  • divider
  • map


Provide your guests with the information they need using short, meaningful texts. Text can be displayed as left justified or presented in the form of a list (numbered or bullet points).

Integrating images and videos

Visual elements are the ideal addition to the written text. Our technology offers you various design options to stage your content.
Integrating images and videos
Discover the hidden sights of the Allgaeu.
Hike along small waterfalls Photo: Tommy Rau, CC0,
Photo: CC0,

Images can either be placed above or underneath the text in three different sizes or right next to the text in a smaller size – always stating image title, copyright as well as license.

To ensure that pictures look good on large monitors and high-resolution displays, we recommend an image size of at least 2000 px in width.

This is Outdooractive
Video: Outdooractive
Expressive videos can easily be embedded on the custom page. All you need is the appropriate link to the video on your YouTube channel. If you want, you can set an alternative preview image for the video.

Snippets: tools for displaying content

Snippets offer a simple and clear link to all content types of the Outdooractive platform. The different presentation methods ensure that you can put your most beautiful routes, destinations, events etc. in perspective.

With a static list, you define the IDs of the content you want to display. They are played out in the order you define. With the dynamic list, you create snippets with regularly changing content. You can define criteria that the content must meet in order to be played out at this point (e.g. last updated content or routes of a certain category). Up to 20 contents can be displayed per snippet at the same time.

Standard snippets

Depending on the number of linked contents, the display of the standard snippets automatically adjusts. A single element is dragged across the entire width while two elements appear in pairs and centered. If more than two elements are shown, the individual snippets are reduced in size.
Lake · Bregenzerwald
Leckner Lake

Small alpine lake on the southern slope of the Nagelfluhkette in the Bregenz Forest

from Svenja Trachte,   Outdooractive Editors

Mountain inn with overnight accommodation above Oberstaufen/Steibis

from Nadine Greiter,   Outdooractive Editors
Mountain Restaurant · Allgäu

The Falkenhütte is a year-round mountain inn at 1550 m above sea level below the Eineguntkopf, on ...

from Jörg Hillmer,   Outdooractive Editors
Cable Car · Allgäu
Hochgrat mountain railway

The Hochgrat mountain railway connects the Oberstaufen hamlet of Lanzenbach with the ridge below the ...

from Svenja Trachte,   Outdooractive Editors

Permanent exhibition on the history and technology of airship navigation

from Joern Perschbacher,   Outdooractive Editors

Listed snippets

Listed snippets are a great way to present a lot of elements in a small space. You decide whether you want to place your content in one, two or three centered columns. 

Content slider

Sliders offer a clear display option for a large number of elements and encourage your guests to browse. Choose from different sizes and add as much content as you like. By clicking on the arrow keys your guests can navigate through the sliders.
Basic slider medium
Basic slider small
Single slider

Square grid and teaser snippets

Would you like to present several contents at a glance? Then grids and teaser snippets are the means of choice. Depending on the selected option you can present two to eight elements. In contrast to the sliders the contents are all visible at once.
Teaser snippets medium
Hiking in the western Nagelfluhkette

On the border of the Allgäu Alps and the Bregenz Forest stretches a unique landscape: the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park. The geological peculiarities of the region, its amazing biodiversity and the uncountable summits with great views are worth a journey full of adventures.

Eat & drink in the western Nagelfluhkette

In the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park, the geological peculiarities of the region and the amazing biodiversity invite you to go on long rambles. Recharge your batteries and taste the local specialties in one of the many alpine huts and mountain inns.

Winter sports at the Hochgrat and Imberg mountains

In the winter season, the Nagelfluhkette is a popular destination for freeriding, ski touring, snowshoeing and sledding. The skiing area at the Hochgrat enchants with untouched, natural skiing routes.


The separator provides better structuring of the content on the website. It consists of a separator line, a bold headline and an icon, which can be freely selected from various proposals.



Buttons provide a descriptive way to link to internal or external content.


The teaser offers an aesthetic way to link internal and external content: with a large format image, text in black or white font and a descriptive button.
Photo: CC0,


Display important content on a large, interactive map. This way you show your guests where routes, destinations and events are located. After clicking on one of the icons, the detail page of the respective content opens.


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