• Edelweiss
    Edelweiss Photo: Christian Reiser, Outdooractive Editors
  • Cheese storage
    Cheese storage Photo: Thalkircher Dorfhaus
  • Cattle drive
    Cattle drive Photo: TG Hörnerdörfer

Outdoor Stories in the Oberallgäu

Traditions, legends and an adventures past characterize the region on the edge of the Alps. What is the "Viehscheid" (cattle drive) that attracts thousands of tourists to the small villages every year? Who brought the diary industry to the Allgaeu? And did you know that ibexes have returned to the high altitudes of the Allgaeu Alps? If you are hiking in the Allgaeu and keep your eyes open to discover the region's many stories. Let us introduce a few of them. 


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Report · September 07, 2015
While they climb over slippery grass slopes and jagged rock formations, they have only one goal in mind: edelweiss. This is the story of the edelweiss ...
by Lena Wiesler,   Outdooractive Editors
Report · April 09, 2015
Green meadows, dairy cows and dairies – that is how the Allgaeu is known today. But the tradition of dairy farming is just over 150 years old. The ...
by Svenja Rödig,   Outdooractive Editors
Report · March 20, 2015
Goodbye summer: Young cattle, dairy cows, goats and sheep have spent three months in the high altitudes of the Allgäu Alps and Prealps. They revived ...
by Lena Wiesler,   Outdooractive Editors
Report · April 07, 2015
There are often referred to as “rock wall artists”: ibexes. Today several hundred of them populate the Allgaeu Alps again. The majestic animals with ...
by Lena Wiesler,   Outdooractive Editors
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